Product Photography

If you are launching your own range, or updating your website then good quality photographs are a must. Its often trickier shopping online for items that you can’t pick up or inspect for yourself, but with good photographs with various angles and close ups you can convey the product to your customer, while making your site clean fresh and easy to use.

Products can be photographed on a white backdrop (with the option for either black, grey, pink, blue. barley also available)
You can bring your products to me, or I can travel to you with the studio set up if you have a large enough free space, this is especially helpful if you have larger or delicate products that are harder to transport in bulk.

Or photographs can be taken outdoors, or in a suitable locations, i.e a kitchen/bedroom where ever is suitable for its placement.

To have a little look, please click here- Product Photography

I generally charge by the quantity of items. Please contact me for a quote


Thank you