Studio shoots

Click here to view the backdrop options

A studio shoot provides a large selection of images and is great for all kinds of shoots! Light, bright and really varied. Now with a choice of backdrops!

Please click the photo to see the backdrop options, and choose one or two for your shoot for a studio shoot in my space in Chelmsford, or one backdrop for a home studio shoot.

How does it work?

I charge a shoot fee, that for studio shoots is £35, this is for studio hire or travel and equipment. Shoot fees can be paid in advance on the checkout page or on the day with cash.
The photos can take up to a week to be ready, but in the mean time if you ‘like’ the page you can see a little preview shot on my Facebook photography page
When your photos are all edited and ready, I will email you and they will be available for you to view in your own password protected gallery on my website. You can view your images at home in your own time to see what you would like, then all of the options and prices can be found on the prices page. Galleries are online for around 2-4 weeks, but they can be online for longer if needed.


Studio Shoot at my space

The space in Chelmsford

I have a studio space that I use in Chelmsford, Essex, just off Navigation road in the town centre. You may choose one or two backdrop colours for your shoot. There is free parking, though it is limited so car sharing with the others in your shoot is great. Please try to arrive on time as shoots can’t often be extended to cover the lost time, and I may not be ready for you if you are early. I will be waiting out the front for you, so any problems at all just give me a call!

Or in your home

Or I can bring the set up to you at home, there are space requirements for this though. Outside of a 10 mile radius a small travel charge may apply. You may choose one backdrop colour for a home shoot.  I have 2 different set up sizes, the larger needs a clear free space of 5×4.5 metres, and the smaller (only suitable for small shoots) which needs a clear space of at least 3×3 metres. Please contact me to discuss.

How many people can there be?

The maximum numbers do vary according to the adult/child ratio, please contact me to discuss your group. For larger groups locations shoots may be the better option.

How long will the shoot be? 

Anywhere up to 1 hour long, and usually around 45mins,  during this time a large selection of images will be taken.

How many images will there be?

Generally there are around 70-100 final images. I will take any combinations you would like and there will be a large variety of photographs! It nice to have choice I think :-)

What are the backdrop options? please see- backdrop colours

White- The largest background for larger family groups






Blue (smaller set up for up to 3 children)

Pink (smaller set up for up to 3 children)

What should we wear? 

For white backdrop shoots, brighter coloured outfits work best. Try and avoid wearing any white, and also avoid too many dark/dull colours.

For black backdrop shoots avoid wearing black and dark colours like navy  and brown. Lighter colours and white work really well against the black.

For grey, pink, blue and barley backdrop shoots try and avoid matching outfits to the backdrop colour.

For groups shots its nice to have outfits which compliment each other. You might like to think about where the photos might hang in your home and try some colour
co-ordination with that. Apart from avoiding wearing the same colour as the backdrop, I’d say wear what you love- your favourite colour/ outfit, I love bright colourful shoots!

What do I do when I’m ready to order?

When you have decided what you would like, your order can be processed on the checkout page with payment taken securely through paypal with either a paypal account or credit/debit card.
Or feel free to message me at any time to discuss your order, and I can also accept a posted cheque or balance transfer if you prefer.
Prints take 7-10 days to arrive with you, and discs take 3-4 days. Canvasses and framed prints can take 7-14 days.