Carolyn has a wide range of backdrops that suit every mood and moment. Please select from the following collection to suit you.

Please choose your backdrop/s in advance of your shoot, Everything will be all set up and ready for you when you arrive.
For larger family groups white is the largest set up and works best for more people.
If your unsure about backdrops, if you were thinking of having images printed to hang on your walls you could see what colours would work best with your home decor.

The stone, light grey and grey produce softer looking final images.
White is very adaptable for all sessions
Black and brown are a stronger contrast
Pink & blue are really fun and striking!

Outfit advice

Aim not to wear the same colour as the backdrop.
More casual clothes work best as the shoot will be more relaxed and informal
On the white colourful clothes look great
Please avoid wearing dark new jeans as these leave marks on the backdrop
Wear something you love and feel comfortable in!

Once you’ve selected your, please let Carolyn know your preferred choice.