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Section 1- general 

Only data that is essential to complete your booking and for tax purposes is collected and securely stored. Carolyn Clarke Photography takes the upmost care to store your data on a password protected google email address on a password protected home computer and laptop. Hardrives and order forms are stored in a locked cabinet within a home office with no public access.

I may archive images for up to the full length of the statutory copyright period [©] or longer, in order that we may be legally able to prove authorship. Images are stored on a computer and two hard drives available to purchase for 1 year. After this time images are stored on one hard drive stored in a locked cabinet, after 1 year images cannot be guaranteed to be available to you, though this is the aim it is not guaranteed after 1 year.

Carolyn Clarke Photography works from a home office with no public access, hardrives are stored in a locked cabinet  and the upmost care is taken to protect your data and images.

Your data is not on a marketing list, Carolyn Clarke Photography does not send marketing emails, letters or make marketing phone calls.

Carolyn Clarke Photography will only email you when legitimate interest applies in regards to an upcoming or currently in progress booking to discuss the booking, confirm attendance and discuss your order.

Carolyn Clarke Photography is registered with the ICO.

Receipts with include your address, name and email address are securely store in a home office with no public access for tax purposes which is a legal requirement for 7 years.

Carolyn Clarke Photography does not directly deal with payment or stores any debit/credit card information, payments are all direct or through PayPal. In order to process your payment Paypal have secure access to the data you provide them when checking out- (card details/address) Further information on their privacy policy can be found here

Information has and will never be shared with third parties. Images are never sold to third parties.
The upmost vigilance is taken to protect your data and all data is stored in a home office with no public access.

Carolyn Clarke Photography has checked any third parties used are GDPR compliant- these are the printers for photographs and canvasses, the printers for albums and their privacy notice are available on request.

Wedding Photography/event photography. It is the responsibility of the event organiser to inform guests there will be a photographer. For wedding photography a contract is signed to grant use of these images for my website and social media/ marketing. For events & weddings if any individual present does not consent to their image be taken or published they should make themselves know to the photographer on the day to avoid being in photographs, or email the photographer after the event to request their image be deleted and not used or shown on the password protected gallery.

Orders are posted via Royal mail with the posting address taken through the PayPal receipt or occasionally the address is emailed to me directly. Address are handwritten onto the envelopes and then sent via Royal Mail.

When your gallery was online it stated ‘I may use some of the photographs at some point on my website/social media if you would prefer I didn’t please let me know’
If you contacted me at the time to withdraw consent for images to be used this was and will continue to be upheld. If you did not withdraw consent images may be used on my website/social media. Please contact me if you wish to now withdraw consent.

The only data I hold on you will be for contractual and legitimate interest reasons to fulfil my service to you.


Section 2- Cookie Policy

www.carolynclarkephotography uses Google Analytics but personally identifiable information is not collected.

When you use and access the Service, we may place a number of cookies files in your web browser.

We use cookies for the following purposes: to provide analytics,
If you’d like to delete cookies or instruct your web browser to delete or refuse cookies, please visit the help pages of your web browser.


Section 3- Booking Terms

Allow Carolyn Clarke Photography to securely store your email address, contact number and details within your email conversation for the purposes of your booking and to take your photographs
*This is essential to carry out your booking and only information that is required to do so is collected
For 8 years I hold on a password protected google mail email account the content of our email, this may include, your email address, contact number, your name and those attending the shoot with you names, childrens names and age, your address.
This information is taken and stored in order to complete your shoot and to process your order.

Allow Carolyn Clarke Photography to upload a password protected gallery for you to view your images
*This is required to allow you to view your images and choose what you would like to order.

Allow Carolyn Clarke Photography to securely store your images
*Images are securely stored on a computer for up to a year and on back up hard drives that are stored in a locked filing cabinet in a home office.

I agree to process payments, PayPal will have secure access to the data I provide (card details/address) Further information can be found here

Where children are the subject of the photographs, I (the parent/guardian/ over 18yr old photo shoot organiser consent to the above on behalf of the child/children

Online galleries will display the first name and first or first and second initial of the surname of the main contact- the person who booked the shoot. One image from the shoot will be the cover image of the gallery.

Optional to booking, please advise if you don’t agree to a couple of your images potentially being used as follows-

Allow Carolyn Clarke Photography to publish select images to and social media? Acceptance for select images to be used occasionally for the website and social media is much appreciated in order to update my portfolio and continue as a photographer. Clients are welcome to tag themselves on social media images as well as withdraw consent at any time.

Allow Carolyn Clarke Photography to publish select images for other marketing purposes- posters, flyers etc. Please let me know in our email conversation if you would not like your images used.

Cancellation charges for studio shoots– These are due to charges I receive due to space hire costs.

Cancelled 8 days or more before the shoot date- no charge

Cancelled between 7-3 days before the shoot date –  £10

Cancelled 3 days or less before the shoot date- £25


Section 4- For Pre school/ Nursery with printed proofs

Photographs taken will not be used on social media or as website example. In addition to the above privacy policy points. Proof sheets will be hand delivered to the setting and handed out by a member of staff for the purposes of the parent choosing images to order. A date is arranged for collection, please ensure you return your orders  including the proof sheet, or just the pack if you do not wish to order. Proof sheets remain the property of Carolyn Clarke Photography. They must not be copied in any way. Proof sheets are collected, and orders processed and delivered back to the setting to be handed out. Proof sheets and order will be stored in a secure home office and then destroyed 6 months after they are collected. Images will be available to order  6 months after they are taken, but may be securely stored )as described above) for the full term of copyright.  Information taken from parents- Childs name and parents name- these are taken to aid in the event of discussion regarding your images  for identification.  Contact telephone number-This would only be used if Carolyn needed to contact you regarding your order or payment.. This information is never used for marketing purposes or passed on to any third parties. Images will not be published or used for marketing.


Section 5- SING & SIGN and Nursery/ Pre Schools with online proofs 

Photographs taken will not be used on social media or as website examples. They will only be on the website in your password protected gallery.

If you would like to have your child’s photos taken during your session please come over during your class, there is no obligation to do so and is parents free choice to have a mini photo session. If you do not agree to an online password protected gallery please do not have your child photo taken.  You will be required to fill in some details on a form asking for-

Child’s Name-  Image numbers are used to reference images but your child’s name is taken for verification. Your child’s name will be displayed within the online gallery first name and then the first letter of their surname (to avoid any potential confusion with children with the same name) If you do not want your child’s name to be displayed please use a fake name on the information form you fill out and use that name as you reference in regards to photos

Parents Name- Used for the purposes of contact with you and also an extra layer of verification if required,

Email address- You will be emailed a link to the proofs online.

Brief description, just a simple hair colour/outfit colour just for a final extra level of verification if ever needed.

The photos will be available to view online until January the following year,  images will not be available to order after this date, the online galleries will be deleted, though as stated above images may be securely stored on hard drives stored in a locked cabinet in a home office with no public access for the full term of copyright for ownership purposes. Online order forms will be stored for 7 years for accounting and tax purposes, these contain your name and billing address but do not contain any payment card details.

An email will be sent notifying the gallery is online and up to 3 reminder emails may also be sent to advise of last ordering dates and gallery deletion,  This information is never used for marketing purposes or passed on to any third parties.  Images will not be published or used for marketing.

**Covid Amendments-  For nursery/preschool photographs will only be taken of the children in the setting for the day, parents names and email addresses won’t be taken, parents will be issued with a password and link to view their images online**


Section 6- Withdrawal 

If you wish to request data Carolyn Clarke Photography holds on you, or would like your data deleted or withdraw consent for images please email [email protected] Please note in requesting your stored data to be deleted no further correspondence can take place in relation to your previous booking or images, records for tax proposes will still be stored as discussed above.

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