UPDATED 19th July.

The following will continue to apply to all shoots-


Covid-19  Safety Practises-

Coronavirus/Covid19  photo shoots information. These guidelines may be updated or changed at anytime. 


Section 1- For every shoot I must agree with the following, and on booking you must agree to the following statements-

-Yourself and no members of your house hold do not have any symptoms of Coronavirus- A cough, High temperature, lose of taste & smell

– No one has been in contact with anyone who has the virus or symptoms

-You have not been told to self isolate through track & trace or any other means.

-You or no member of your household are awaiting Covid test results

-If anything changes before your shoot you will inform me as soon as possible so we can cancel your booking and reschedule

-If you develop any symptoms within 2 weeks after your shoot you will inform me so I can inform others.

-Everyone present for the shoot will observe 2 meter distancing at all times and this will be parents responsibility to ensure children adhere to this as much a possible as well.



Section 2- Location shoots

In gardens or public parks

Social distancing  gap will  be observed at all times.

Shoot locations need to be large enough to accommodate the distancing, the space required depends on how many adults/children are in the shoot.


Section 3- Studio Shoots


On arrival please wait in or next to your car and I will come out to meet you.

The front door will be open for your arrival time, then please clean your hands with the hand sanitiser provided.

The front door will stay open during the shoot for ventilation

I will greet you at a distance without a mask so children can meet me first, and then I will be wearing a mask inside.

If you are coming to the shoot and not in the photographs please wear a mask at all times indoors if you are medically able to.

If you are to be in some shots your welcome to pop a mask on and then remove it when you are ready to be photographed.

A 1-2 metre gap will be required at all times

Toilet and hand washing areas are available. Refreshments are not provided though so please bring your own and take your empties home with you.

The paper roll will be changed or the part used will be cut away and disposed of between each booking.

There will be a 15min gap in-between bookings for surfaces to be wiped down and the space aerated out. I hope there won’t be any delays but this could be possible, as soon as I’m ready I will come out to the car park to greet you. My apologies in advance if any delays are caused.

Any props or toys used will be swapped between bookings and then washed on 60 degrees

Newborns– With newborn shoots I will have to reposition the baby, I will as standard be wearing a mask, and for newborns extra hand sanitising, all blankets washed on 60 degrees after each use.


Section 4- Wedding Photography

I will be working in line with the government rules and maximum numbers allowed at the date of the wedding, and in line with covid secure wedding venues rules.

Section 5- Party/Event photography

I will be working in line with the government rules and maximum numbers allowed.  I will not attend or photograph  events that restrictions do not allow for.


Section 6- Nurseries/Pre School

I will cancel the shoot if I have any Covid symptoms or am told to self isolate or awaiting test results.

Separate room set up for the photographs, a window open to add ventilation if possible.

A simple backdrop will be used that’s more flexible on where they sit- some set ups need the children to sit in very precise spots.
Distancing myself from everyone at the setting
If possible one member of staff to bring the children in, and if possible only one member of staff in the room at a time.
Children to be brought into the room only with other children in their bubble
I’ll have hand sanitiser which I will use in between every child
-Organised so I spend the minimum time possible in the setting on the day
-Online password protected viewing with orders posted to parents to cut out the proofs being delivered/collected/parents returning etc